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Reliable Laundry Wash & Fold in Mount Pearl and surrounding areas

At Avalon Laundry, we provide quality laundry wash & fold in Mount Pearl and surrounding areas. You can rely on us because our team is good at following the process of washing, drying, and folding clothes flawlessly. Our efficient and supersized washer, dryer machine, top-load machine, front load machine and laundry folding facility allow us to clean your clothes expertly. 

Now you don’t need to spend all your weekend or free time doing mundane laundry work. Take some time off for your family, friends and yourself. Moreover, why struggle with those tough stains when you can have us do it for you? 

And the bonus is that you don’t even need to leave your house. Just visit our website, book a collection and we will handle the wash & fold for you!

Home Linen to Daily Wear - We’ll Wash & Fold Them All

We don’t just stop at clothes laundry, we can be trusted for a lot more! You can connect with us for cleaning curtain covers, bed sheets, linen and more. Here is a list of everything we can help you wash & fold:


Dresses and skirts, school uniforms, blouses and camisoles, golf shirts and t-shirts (dry clean), pants and shorts, dress shirts, business suits, sweaters and cardigans.


Quilts, duvets, sleeping bags, bedspreads, towels, pillowcases, rugs, tablecloths and napkins, pillows, drapes, blankets, cushions and cushion covers.

Formal shirts, suits and tuxedos.

Jackets and coats, raincoats, gloves, scarves and toques.

Special care:

Sequins, beads and lace, baseball caps and luxury outfits that need special care.

Care-oriented Cleaning to Preserve Various Clothing Materials

Washing and folding is not just our profession, it is a passion instilled in each one of us at Avalon Laundry. We have been in the laundering and dry cleaning business for years, and we understand that your clothes matter to you. That is why we take care of the material of the cloth and use mild, gentle or heavy cleaning as per its requirement. In the end, you get spotless clothes, washed and folded with care. After all, we look good when you do!

New to Avalon Laundry?

Just sign up, sign in and we will handle the laundry washing as well as folding.

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