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Enjoy Top-notch Facilities With Self-serve Laundry in St. John's, Mount Pearl and surrounding areas

Do you want to do your own laundry and not have to spend a fortune on buying a washing machine or a dryer? With Avalon Laundry, you can self-serve laundry in St. John's, Mount Pearl and surrounding areas. You get a complete, convenient laundering experience with our machines that can cope with larger loads and lower washing times than domestic machines. Plus, we have numerous amenities to offer, such as Wi-fi, TV and more to keep you entertained while your clothes are enjoying a spin in the washing machine.

A Laundry Experience With First Class Facilities - All Under One Roof

Below are some of the many reasons why you should opt for our self-serve laundry. We provide:


Large TV

Free Wi-Fi

Family and friendly facilities

Parking facility behind the building

Full-time laundry attendant on-site

Improved consumer experience through the latest technology

Purchase eco-friendly products on-site, or use your own products

Front side of the Avalon Laundry office

Large Quantity of Laundry? We Have You Covered!

At Avalon Laundry, we pride ourselves on our choice of washers and tumble dryers - ideal for quick processing of large quantities of laundry or for bulky pieces such as quilts, pillows, rugs, covers, etc. Our dispensers offer a variety of soaps, fabric softeners, as well as are eco-friendly products to meet different washing needs. In addition to offering a variety of products, our friendly staff will also be on hand to help out if you need them.

We Are Open All Seven Days!

Come over any day of the week between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and make use of our self-service laundromat.

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